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BRYCE   Vocalist  



"Working with Head Atlas was an extremely seamless, productive and comfortable experience. 

Joel and Chrispy's ability to build rapport with artists creates an environment free of inhibition and tension, allowing all parties to work at the best of their ability. 

Their capacity to produce and develop ideas to places perhaps not originally considered while staying true to the artists vision is second to none, as they work relentlessly until all involved are truly satisfied with the end result. 

I very much look forward to working with them again in the future and am excited to see what lies on the horizon for Head Atlas."

Bryce Carleton, 2018



Ryan  Bassist   


the way we were

"The guys at Head Atlas have been fantastic to work with on our last two recordings. Without the expertise, patience and professionalism that Joel and Chrispy bring to the recording process, the final results would not have been the same.

While offering outside of the box ideas during pre-production to help fine tune our songs, they also worked so hard to understand what makes our sound ours, and to ensure that what we left with at the end of day represented us as a band.

Both Joel and Chrispy are such easy and patient guys to work with, and they make the recording process as stress-free as possible while ensuring a quality product.

We can’t wait to get back into the studio with Head Atlas in the not too distant future."

Ryan Pedlow, 2018