Head Atlas is a music production company based in Brisbane, Australia.  We operate out of Hunting Ground Studios in Moorooka.

We're not just a recording studio, we're  song engineers.  

We have a strong focus on songwriting, composition and the evolution of a basic idea into a killer song for today's competitive music industry.

With over 20+ years of combined experience in writing, recording and performing rock, pop, metal, grunge, electronic and alternative music, we know how to communicate what you are looking for in a professional recording and convey the best representation of your art, keeping it extremely collaborative and relaxed, with a great vibe

Joel and Chrispy run Head Atlas out of Studio C at Hunting Ground Studios.  The ethos behind Head Atlas is to not only be sound engineers but song engineers.  Specialising in pre-production and a holistic approach to recording their artists.  They have the ability to re-create the sound in your head through their process;

Understanding - Collaboration - Development - Recording Design -  Capture - Mix. 

If you'd like to set up a meeting, please get in contact with us.  Let's make your next record stand out!

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Joel Myles

Producer | Mix Engineer

Chrispy Lait

Producer |Mix Engineer